X-ray crystal structure


X-ray crystal structure

beta-Peptide helix

 X-ray crystal structure



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Part II Hand-in 2017

Congratulations to Sophie and Abi for completing the 'Part II Bullseye Challenge' on time!

Part II Hand-in 2016

Congratulations to Katie and Ben for both completing the race on time!

Part II Hand-in 2015

Congratulations to Cordell, Catherine, Susie, Marek and Saranja for submitting their Part II theses on time!

Part II Hand-in 2014

Congratulations to Matt, Haewon, Dan and David for submitting their Part II theses.
All done by Thursday evening - a new SGD Group record!





Welcome to the SGD Group website

The group currently consists of about 20 people.
We are based on the ground floor of the Chemistry Research Laboratory.

For information about opportunities with the group please go to the Contact page.

Recent News

22nd Jan 2018
Steve's h-index (Web of Science) has increased to 61!

4th Jan 2018
Our paper on the asymmetric syntheses of dihydroconduramines (–)-A-2, (–)-B-2, (–)-C-3 and (+)-F-3 has been selected as a feature article in Synthesis [View Journal Page]

2nd Oct 2107
Welcome to our new first year D.Phil. student, Cameron! 

29th Sept 2107
There was a great series of talks from the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year D.Phil. students at our annual D.Phil. Seminar. 

21st Sept 2017
Welcome to our new Part II students, Chris, Harvey, Hikaru and Michał!

23rd May 2017
OxStem Ltd is featured in the May 2017 issue of Nature in an article entitled “Masters of Medicine”. OxStem was selected as one of six innovative and disruptive University start-up biotechnology companies from around the world to be profiled in the article. [View Journal Page]

10th Apr 2017
Congratulations to David Zimmer who was awarded a travel grant from the Organic Division of the RSC.

8th Mar 2017
Congratulations to David Zimmer and Matthew Kennedy who were both awarded travel grants from the BBSRC Innovation Travel Fund to attend the 2017 Tetrahedron Symposium in Melbourne, Australia.  

13th Jan 2017
Steve's h-index (Web of Science) has increased to 60!

17th Nov 2016
OxStem Cardio Ltd, the fourth subsidiary of OxStem Ltd, has been launched. OxStem Cardio Ltd aims to identify drugs that will restore lost tissue following a heart attack by inducing cardiovascular regeneration.

16th Nov 2016
Part II Open Day. Dowload a copy of our poster here.

10th Nov 2016
Congratulations to David Zimmer who was selected as one of only two representatives from Oxford to attend the Lilly Drug Discovery Workshop in Erl Wood, Windelsham.

6th Oct 2016  
OxStem Ltd wins best start-up biotech company award at the Oxfordshire Bioscience Network (OBN) 2016 awards ceremony.

4th Oct 2016
Welcome to our new group members Sophie, Abi, Katie and Sean.

28th Sep 2016
Steve's h-index (Web of Science) has increased to 59.

5th Aug 2016
Two new subsidiaries of OxStem Ltd have been launched. OxStem Neuro, co-founded with Prof. Francis Szele (Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics), aims to identify drugs that will stimulate de novo neuron production from neural stem cells that will compensate for disease pathology in neurodegenerative diseases, stroke and traumatic brain injury. OxStem Ocular, co-founded with Prof. Robert MacLaren (Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology), aims to identify drugs that will stimulate precursor cells within the retina of patients for retinal repair and restoration of vision. Further information can be found on the OxStem website.

17th Jun 2016
Our paper on the asymmetric synthesis of (+)-preussin B and its analogues has been featured on the cover of J. Org. Chem. [View Journal Page]

17th Jun 2016
Congratulations to Dr Marta Brambilla on the completion of her D.Phil.

13th May 2016
Download an updated copy of our Drug Discovery Glossary
(version 2.0) here.

11th May 2016
OxStem's record fundraising round is featured in Financial Times. The story highlights the importance of unlocking the potential of research from UK universities to translational medicine; OxStem will address a number of therapeutic areas in regenerative medicine including cancer, heart failure and neurodegenerative diseases. FT subscribers can read the article here

10th May 2016
OxStem, an Oxford spin-out founded by Prof. Steve Davies, Prof. Angela Russell (Department of Chemistry) and Prof. Dame Kay Davies (Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics), has raised a record £16.9M to develop small molecule drug candidates to treat age-related conditions including cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and heart failure. The company has formed strategic partnerships with Human Longevity Inc. and CEO Dr J Craig Venter together with Mr Bob Duggan and Dr. Mahkam Zanganeh (former CEO & Chairman and Chief Operating Officer respectively) of Pharmacyclics that was sold last year to Abbvie for US$21 billion. Other individual investors, together with Oxford Science Innovation, will enable OxStem to fund the development of a series of daughter companies - each with a focus on a different large unmet therapeutic need. The majority of the £16.9M is expected to be used to fund joint projects between the Department of Pharmacology, the Department of Chemistry and other Departments across Oxford over the next three years.
[View Press Release]

15th Apr 2016
Our paper on the asymmetric synthesis of (+)-preussin B and its analogues has been selected as a Featured Article in volume 81, issue 12 of the Journal of Organic Chemistry.
[View Journal Page]

24th Mar 2016
Congratulations to Alex White on the completion of his MSc (Res) degree.





Professor Steve Davies

Professor Stephen G. Davies
Waynflete Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry Research Laboratory
University of Oxford
Mansfield Road
OX1 3TA, U.K.

T: +44 (0)1865 275695
F: +44 (0)1865 275633
E: steve.davies@chem.ox.ac.uk


View Steve's Research Profile on the Chemistry Department website


Our cover art for J. Org. Chem. (volume 81 issue 12), with three diastereoisomeric dice representing the three diastereoisomers of the target compounds, juxtaposing strategy and analysis with an element of good luck, the latter often involved with the success of any total synthesis. 


Steve receiving his Dr Honoris Causa at the University of Salamanca on 21st Feb 2014

Congratulations to both Christoph Mayer and Ian Houlsby, the joint winners of the 'Matthew Kennedy Exhibition Race 2016'

The SGD group football team competing in the Catalyst football tournament 2014





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