Part II Students


   Chris Beattie

Alice Rerat

Chris is a student at St. Catherine's College. He is working on the synthesis of droxidopa and it's analogues, using our lithium amide conjugate addition and 'Trading N and O' methodologies as the key stereo-defining steps. 




   Michał Dąbrówka

Alice Rerat

Michał is a student at Jesus College who has previously worked with us as a summer student. For his Part II, he is working on asymmetric cascade reactions utilising the Group's lithium amide conjugate addition methodology. This approach could deliver a novel way for efficient synthesis of wide range of heterocycles, for instance enantiopure substituted quinolines, which are compounds used as a treatment against cancer and tuberculosis.

   Harvey Darby

Alice Rerat

Harvey is a student at New College. For his Part II, he is using the Group’s lithium amide conjugate addition and  'Trading N and O' methodologies to develop a general route for the synthesis of enantiopure α,β-diamino acids.


   Hikaru Seki

Alice Rerat

Hikaru is a student at Exeter College who has previously worked with us as a summer student. He is working on the synthesis of the diastereoisomers of the pyrrolidine alkaloids preussin and preussin B.






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