X-ray crystal structure


X-ray crystal structure

beta-Peptide helix

 X-ray crystal structure


Part II Hand-in 2014

Congratulations to Matt, Haewon, Dan and David for submitting their Part II theses.
All done by Thursday evening - a new SGD Group record!

Welcome to the SGD Group website

The group currently consists of about 20 people. We are based on the ground floor of the Chemistry Research Laboratory.

For information about opportunities with the group please go to the Contact page.

Recent News

7th Oct 2014  Our paper on the asymmetric synthesis of
(–)-(1R,7aS)-absouline is one of the most viewed articles in Tetrahedron. [View Journal Page]

25th Sept 2014  Congratulations to Marta Brambilla who has been selected to attend the Syngenta Scholarship Scheme Interactive Workshops from 2nd to 4th Nov 2014.

17th Sept 2014  Steve has published his 550th paper.

11th Aug 2014  Congratulations to Aileen Frost who was selected to give a powerpoint presentation at the ACS 248th National Meeting in San Fransisco.

8th Aug 2014  Congratulations to Dr Kristína Csatayová on the completion of her D.Phil. Kristína will continue to work in the group as part of our Medicinal Chemistry Team, investigating the development of small molecule modulators of utrophin for DMD therapy.

7th Aug 2014  Congratulations to Charlotte Zammit who was selected to present a poster at the RSC Challenges in Organic Synthesis (ISACS14) conference in Shanghai.

13th Jul 2014   Congratulations to Charlotte Zammit who was selected to present a poster at the 14th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium (BOSS XIV) in Louvain-la-Neuve.

2nd Jul 2014  Congratulations to Aileen Frost who was selected to present a poster at the 14th Annual RSC Postgraduate Fluorine Group Meeting in St. Andrews.

9th Jun 2014  Our review article concerning the Hydrogen bond directed epoxidation of allylic alcohols and amines has been highlighted as a HOT article in Organic & Biomolecular
. [View Journal Page]

16th May 2014  Steve's h-index (Web of Science) has increased to 55.

6th Apr 2014  Congratulations to the SGD group football team who were 'unbeaten' in the annual Catalyst football tournament.

28th Mar 2014  Charlotte Zammit's paper on the asymmetric synthesis of C(5)-substituted transpentacins via a diasereoselective Ireland–Claisen protocol has been selected as a HOT article in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.
[View Journal Page]

26th Feb 2014  ​Rushabh Shah's Organic Letters paper, on the asymmetric synthesis of the natural product nakinadine A, has been selected as an ACS Editors' Choice Article.
[View Journal Page]

21st Feb 2014  Steve was awarded the degree DR HONORIS CAUSA from the University of Salamanca. He is only the third chemist to receive this honour, the previous two recipients being Sir Derek Barton (1995) and Steve Ley (2005). The University of Salamanca is one of the oldest universities in the world and only awards three honorary doctorates per year.

27th Nov 2013  Rushabh Shah's paper on the synthesis of the marine natural product nakinadine C has been highlighted on the cover of Tetrahedron Letters. [View Journal Page]

20th Nov 2013  Part II Open Day. Download a copy of our poster here.

12th Nov 2013  Congratulations to Dr Rushabh Shah on the completion of his D.Phil.

8th Nov 2013  Congratulations to Kristína Csatayová who was selected to present a poster at the RSC Organic Division Poster Symposium 2013 in London.

31st Oct 2013  Congratulations to Aude Figuccia on being awarded a poster prize at the Pfizer Neusentis Symposium in Oxford.

1st Oct 2013  Congratulations to Aude Figuccia on being selected to attend the Syngenta Postgraduate Scholarships Workshop at Jealotts Hill.

12th Sep 2013  Congratulations to Marta Brambilla who was the only D.Phil. student from Oxford to be selected to attend a drug discovery workshop in Spain, hosted by Eli Lilly.

26th Jul 2013  Steve's walking tour of the University of Oxford's Botanic Garden highlighted the work of Sir Robert Robinson who was awarded the 1947 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for "his investigations on plant products of biological importance, especially the alkaloids".

Professor Steve Davies

Professor Stephen G. Davies
Waynflete Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry Research Laboratory
University of Oxford
Mansfield Road
OX1 3TA, U.K.

T: +44 (0)1865 275695
F: +44 (0)1865 275633
E: steve.davies@chem.ox.ac.uk


 View Steve's Research Profile on the Chemistry Department website


Steve receiving his Dr Honoris Causa at the University of Salamanca on 21st Feb 2014

The SGD group football team competing in the Catalyst football tournament 2014


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